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The Lumin8 range is a compelling collection of showering solutions, which bring an inviting touch of luxury into your bathroom, and helps to illuminate your showering experience. The Lumin8 collection has been meticulously designed to solve a variety of space restrictions in the bathroom, whilst providing an effortless showering experience for the whole family.

Detailing is fundamental in the Lumin8 range to create a unique style with the highest quality. Lumin8 Shower Enclosures stand elegantly at a height of 1950mm and with high quality toughened glass thickness of 8mm. We have handpicked the finest materials to craft exceptional components, to provide an exclusive showering experience.

Included in the contemporary range are One Door and Two Door Quadrant Shower Enclosures, Bow Fronted Quadrant, Pivot Door Shower Enclosures, smooth glide action Sliding Door Shower Enclosures, practical Bi-Fold Door Shower Enclosures through to Frameless Bath Screens and Walk-ins.

Lumin8 Bow Fronted Quadrant Shower Enclosure

Make the most out of your available space with this intelligent and elegant Lumin8 Bow Fronted Quadrant.

Lumin8 1700mm Colossus Shower Enclosure

Perfect bath replacement enclosure, bowing out to create a spacious and indulgent showering space.

Lumin8 1450mm Colossus Shower Enclosure

The 1450mm Colossus offers a luxurious curved Walk-in option in and around standard shower enclosure footprints.

Lumin8 Wave Walk-In Shower Enclosure

Create a true style statement in your bathroom with our beautiful Lumin8 Curved Walk-in.

Lumin8 One Door Quadrant Shower Enclosure

The Lumin8 One Door Quadrant Shower Enclosure is an ideal solution for smaller bathrooms as it will sit beautifully in the corner of your bathroom.

Lumin8 Inswing Shower Enclosure

The Lumin8 Inswing Door has been cleverly designed to feature a large opening without significant protrusion into the bathroom space.

Lumin8 Two Door Quadrant Shower Enclosure

The Lumin8 Two Door Quadrant Shower Enclosure is perfect for making the most out of your corner space with smooth action sliding doors.

Lumin8 Level Access Sliding Door Shower Enclosure

Make your bathroom totally inclusive with this sliding door, as the bottom rail can be minimal or completely barrier free, creating true level entry access.

Lumin8 Bi-Fold Door Shower Enclosure

The Lumin8 Bi-Fold Door Shower Enclosure incorporates practical inward opening doors, which present a flexible space saving solution.

Lumin8 Sliding Door Shower Enclosure

The effortless action Lumin8 Sliding Door will create a striking feature in any bathroom style.

Lumin8 Pivot Shower Door Enclosure

The Lumin8 Pivot Door creates a supremely efficient space saving solution for any bathroom.

Lumin8 Outward Folding Bath Screen

The Lumin8 Outward Folding Bath Screen offers both practicality and style for the over bath situation.

Lumin8 Inward Folding Hinged Bath Screen

The Lumin8 Inward Folding Bath Screen offers both practicality and style, meaning showering over the bath is no longer a compromise.

Lumin8 Inward Opening Concealed Fix Bath Screen

This power shower approved bath screen provides exceptional over the bath showering experience with a minimalist designer look.

Lumin8 Outward Opening Concealed Fix Bath Screen

Inspired by hotel design to create a practical and stunning over the bath showering solution, avoiding existing fixtures and fittings in the bathroom.

Lumin8 Inward Folding Bath Screen

Take an indulgent shower over the bath with this stylish minimalist and power shower approved bath screen.

DLumin8 Bath Screens

The Lumin8 Bath Screens present a minimalist designer look for an over the bath showering solution.

Lumin8 Fixed Bath Screen

A simple and stylish 8mm thick glass bath screen which will compliment any bathroom.