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We believe that a bathroom should be a living space, giving you more than just somewhere to brush your teeth. For the past 100 years, we’ve been creating products that transform a purely functional space into the ideal bathroom – a place to relax, make yourself beautiful, refresh and re-energise.

There’s no better inspiration for design than nature. Like the hummingbird, our new range Tesi is a wonderful example of a supremely functional form exhibiting exquisite beauty. Slender, elegant and agile: it’s precisely adapted to suit environment and lifestyle needs. It performs effortlessly in every role and never fails to achieve perfect balance.


Tesi’s accessible quality and versatility make it easy to assemble a beautifully co-ordinated bathroom. Whether it’s for a hard-working family bathroom or a stylish, contemporary space, Tesi is built to perform and fits right in. Its soft geometric lines, along with our innovative AquaBlade ® flushing technology, turns a bathroom into a modern and enjoyable space.

Browse Bathroom Brands